How to Create an Arduino Logo on the LCD: eg. 1602


I´ve tried to display simple Graphics on an LCD-Panel found in the Arduino Starter Kit.

There is an simple way of how to demonstrate this with the Arduino Logo.

The Display is segmented into 8 Rows with 5 Columns.
Each row can be written with subsequent 1 and 0´s to the internal RAM of the Display.

To implement this as a simple code I used the binary description in the sketch.
The Array of 8 binary rows are defined like “ob10101”, where 0b allows to define a number by binary values.

This makes the creation of characters or even a simple Logo easy.

See the attachment which depicts an Arduino-Logo on the LCD.

So the structure consists of four steps:

// 1. Definition of a character

uint8_t ardu0 =

// 2. Generate the character to RAM 0…7

// 3. Wait some time. Otherwhise it might be too fast for the Display.

// 4. Print the character

So have fun…koshan

LCD_Arduino_Logo.ino (998 Bytes)