How to create an Xbee Cluster Tree Network?

Hi guys,

We are conducting a university experiment that involves wireless data transmission with the use of the Xbee modules, but it seems that we are missing something out. To be more specific, what we are trying to do is to measure the humidity of a room, and send the data wirelessly to the coordinator which is in another room. The connection between the end point and the coordinator works fine but there are problems with the signal strength, which seems to be quite weak, so we decided to use another Xbee module as a router.

Here is a picture of what we are trying to do

First we found a tutorial on the internet of how to do it, but the router doesn't seem to work at all . Here are the X - CTU modem configurations for each of the modules

For the Coordinator

For the Router

For the End Point

Then we decided to try something on our own, based on what we learned in this short period of time that we used Xbees. The X - CTU modem configurations for each of the modules are these:

For the Coordinator SH 13A200 SL 408CCB51

For the Router SH 13A200 SL 4090287A

For the End Point SH 13A200 SL 4090286F

The problem that we faced at this stage is that while every communication works fine, the router can only send the data to the coordinator manualy. Is there any way to make this happen automatically, or at least, make the first way work?

Thank you everyone in advance!


I know that this is an old question, but did you solve it? I am stuck in the same problem trying to build a tree topology with xbee.