how to create Arabic font??

Hi my friends I want to creat arabic font to display on DMD Please guide me how to do that? Im using Arduino uno Pls help me

Create a character map that you store in Flash and set the characters pixel by pixel.

Hi Keith How can I do it ??More explanation pls

Look a something like this to understand the concept

Hi j-M-L This method is practical for DMD??

ashkan4818: Hi my friends I want to creat arabic font to display on DMD

What kind of DMD is it? Do you already have one? If not, where do you plan to get it from?

Do you know who is the manufacturer?

What software do you intend to use to control this DMD?

Is this your first Arduino project?

Making a font is easy. All you need is a pencil, some graph paper, and patience. Getting the font to appear on the display is harder. For that, you will need to know a few things about the display. That is why I asked so many questions.

Sorry read too quickly on my phone - no not for DMD although the idea could be similar - a pattern of 0 and 1s for lights to be on or off

Indeed we need to know what you have and if there is a driver attached

Hi odometer 1-module p10 of red color 2-yes I have one 3-chaina 4-I'm using with Bluetooth control 5-this is not my fist project

All thing is done Successfully but Arduino does not recognise Arabic or persian ASCII Like گ Or ب For example if i wrote in Arabic ب no thing will display on DMD but when i wrote A it will Display on DMD What is the solution for that ?

And I know how can using the ASCII in my code but my problem is that : 1-I have not Arabic font library for use the Arabic ASCII 2-i will send any thing in arabic with Bluetooth to DMD

Chaina --> do you mean from CHINA - no special brand?

do you have a display control card? which one is it?

you might want to read some of the links at the bottom of this page

freetronics has an arduino library

see this pic , this is my DMD:

I can write only english text, but i want arabic display on DMD

All right, that helps... a little.

How are you doing this? Are you following instructions that you found? Where did you find those instructions?

Please tell me about the Arduino sketch you are using to display the English text. If you can show us this sketch, that would be a big help to us.