how to create energy meter network

I used energy IC SA9903B (SAMES) build up an energy meter, i want to use arduino UNO interface this meter and show the result in computer. But i don't know how to connect and write the programe, this is the first time i use this board. Pls help and teach me, Thanks a lot!!

Well the chip datasheet is here:

A search on this forum doesn't reveal anything so you get to be the first to write an SPI driver(!) Is there a particular module you have or are you thinking of working from scratch? The chip is available in through-hole version at least.

You'll need to work out how to interface the current and voltage sensing to the chip too if there isn't a module with that built-in...

where can i find the sample for spi driver programme!! If anyone knew, pls tell me!!!

Have you even bothered to look at the SPI library? That chip is sending data in 8 bit chunks. What a coincidence that that is exactly the size of a byte, and that that is the unit of data that the SPI library is designed to read/write.

Interesting chip, but I find one thing odd about the "Typical application circuit" (Figure 8 in the datasheet). I'd have reversed the hot and the neutral. The way it is shown, the hot mains ends up connected to the SA9903B ground pin (and probably then also to anything else it might interface to).

Am I looking at that right?