How to Create PCB of Arduino UNO ?

Sorry i am Noob in Using Arduino ...! but wana know how i can create a PCB For Arduino UNO ? .. i know it got Eagle PCB files i got the board files too but i am not sure which layers to print .. ! . ? Top or bottom can someone help , cause from the place i am its not Easy to get the Arduino so i have to create it !

You are making your own PCBs at home, or sending out for them? If at home, you need top & bottom layers. Might be .GTL, .GBL. You can download a gerber file viewer at (I think) & confirm.

You can also find Single Sided PCB in the Hardware section, needs a couple jumpers added on top. I have also designed a smaller single sided (not for use with shields) that I can share when I get home if you are interested.

sure sir would love you help .. if you can share it , actually i am looking for a single ended PCB its easy to create at home , regard to double sided , thats you completed my concept for that .. but i can't find one sided pcb drawing in hardware section .. ! will try to find it again , jumpers wont be a problem ! thnx once again

Here’s the single sided DIP layout I had created.
Assumes external 5V is available, such as from a wallwart