How to Create real home product without Arduino Uno R3

I found very good hardware for learning and it's really fun too. Now, i brought PIR Motion Sensor and Arudino Uno R3 and PIR example running fine with my board. Now, i want to make door bell with the same with my all doors and that requires 3-4 PIR and 3-4 Uno. I think there must be way by which i can make my own soldering with chip only and there must not needed Arduino to be attached to every room to save some cost.

As i'm novice for electronics, i don't know how to use only ATmega328P-PU chip and what will be minimum requirements of parts for my PIR motion sensor to be used as door bell.

Can anybody advise me how i can go ahead with this example ?

Regards and thanks in advance :~

you might use wire to connect all door bells to one Arduino?
or google for “barebone Arduino”

True, got very good tutorials too for running projects without Board which i was seeking. but now stuck in electronics !!!

I found one interesting point that if i connect Led to Pin 13 + ground, it runs fine but when i do same with LM7805 which gives output of 5V through wall wart, i don't get same result even after connecting 220 or higher ohm register, my LED burns and i found no way to limit current instead of only voltage.

Can anybody suggest how to use output of 7805 on breadboard to light single LED ?

Now, with help of which is really very good example in one page without anything you need… no more tutorials … It worked fine with Blinking LED example too. Now i’m not clear with output of other pins of ATMega 328P-PU which comes with Arduino Uno R3. Like my LED Worked fine, will it work with other pins like if i want to use Ultra Sonic, can i simply use pins like we use in Arduino or something more might be done to use it like arduino ? Just pin mapping chart to use and use like arduino uno ?

Please suggest as i have made my first 7.5VDC to 5VDC power supply on bread board with help of this forum, ATMega328 on bread board with LED example and now want to move further but before try, want to know more !!!

Thanks in advance for your help.


Now with help of tutorials of i’m able to create my first experience of Soldering and making my own version of ATMega328P-PU chip on perf board which runs fine with blinking LED example. Till this i’m fine and also able to create 5V Regulator from 7-12 VDC wall wart. Now, just looking to pin mapping of Arduino with ATMega 328P-PU controller, as works with Pin 13 of Arduino mapped on perfboard, is it possible to use same mapping of pin for attaching my own instruments/parts like PIR Sensor or LDR on any other pins ? what does all other pins means in simple language ?

I mean just like LED blinking example works on perfboard, can i use all other pins to attach LDR or PIR or any other sensor with other pins or it may require other register/cap to use pins of controller directly with perfboard ?


I am still not sure what your problem is. I think you're wondering whether you can use any other pins on the standalone atmega? Yes, you can. You need to program your chip first and then make the adequate connections on the perfboard.

Refer to this pin mapping for the actual pin locations on the chip:

Dear juanps90,

you got my point, i wanted is exactly, using all functions of arduino with perfboard, i got now that i can use it.

Thanks for answer