How to create touch area for icons on tft lcd ?

Hi every one ...

i have some small bmp icons and placed on tft lcd (with drawBitmap()) that have a touch panel,
so how can i define transparent touch area around this icons for toggling 1 pin state when it touched ?

i see the touch buttons with mcufriends lib. but these are not transparent !

im uploading my sample picture to see it ...

Thanks !

Which library are you using to manage the touch panel?

im using mcufriend lib !

there is some code and functions in lib. source but i dont know how to edit it for my purpose ?

I provide a simple example for Adafruit_Button

I also provide the Touch_Shield example. That has "Touch icons" in the form of different color square pads to change the "paintbrush" color in the "Paint" part of that example.

It is wise to run all the library examples.
If you have a problem, you can quote the example by name. And ask a question that refers to the example.