How to cross data from a large temperature monitor and ultrasonic to track peopl

I have a paint ball field in one of the forts I want to add an un manned paintball drone, I have a reasonable idea of how to make the structure of the drone, and I know how to control it with servos.
But I don’t know how I can cross reference the data from an ultrasonic sensor (long range) and wide angle temperature sensor.
The drone as at a triangular angle, using different calculations if I know how far away the person is, I know the angle I need to set my drone at to fire at the person. I can automate that, but people are unlikely to walk straight up to a paint ball drone…
So I need to use the temperature sensor to tell A, if the target is a person, and B where to point the ultrasonic sensor. Below is a picture of my planned set up.

(Unfortunately I have only a few days to finish this!)

What temperature sensor are you using?

The temperature sensor is not going to give you the direction to the target. The ultrasonic sensor will not give you direction, either. It will simply tell you if anything is in its field of view and, if so, how far the nearest thing is.

I don’t have a specific temperature sensor picked out.

The one I will use will have three output analog values.
The first being the angle from left to right in terms of the middle of the temp sensor. ANGL 3
The next being the angle of up and down, (Y). ANGL 1
Lastly the length from the middle of the temp sensor expressed in Inches or feet. ANGL 2

Left and right are express from behind the sensor.

I have two photos to show what I am talking about.