how to debug arduino due


I have recently created an SPI application for arduino due but my code is not working so i want to know how could i debug Ardunio due applications.

The same way you would debug an application on any other Arduino platform.
I usually start with debug prints.


Arduino IDE has no debugger with it, how could i debug other than using print command.I have to debug my application step by step.

Static code analysis / dry-running, logic analyser on spare pins, blink a LED, use a 'scope...
All the usual methods.


I am not getting it could you please elaborate it.
Is there any IDE through which i could debug my applications

The IDE does not support any method of real-time, in-circuit debugging.
The Due has JTAG, but unless you have JTAG hardware, this isn’t going to help you a great deal.

The most basic way of debugging embedded systems like this is to present trace information either via serial prints, or using spare I/O pins to present trace conditions to external test equipment, like a logic analyser or oscilloscope.
Just make sure you’ve debugged your trace software.

when the debugger for ardunio IDe would be available

How to deug using JTAG hardware(what software we need to use, setting etc.)?