How to debug (breakpoints) my program (Eclipse + AVR Plugin + Arduino board)

Hi guys,

I'm new on the development Arduino, I have just installed my development environment with Eclipse + AVR plugin. On my Arduino board there is an ATMega328P. Everything works perfectly (compilation, program upload to the board).

Now, I would to debug my code (breakpoints using, check variables, registers, stack, memory, etc.); what is the best solution for the debugging in my case ?

Thank you very much for your answers!


I don't think you can do "debugging" in the way you imagine with the Arduino.

The simplest debugging technique is simply to print trace messages to the status port. There is no easy way to interrupt execution and examine the execution context, and the Arduino doesn't have enough resources to make it sensible to implement one. There are some software emulators, but these then don't give realistic emulation of the hardware environment which limits their usefulness. Since the code/test cycle is so short on Arduino, simple print statements are very convenient to use and should be sufficient for most projects.