How to debug sketch into serial port monitor without arduino board

Hello everyone!

Sorry for my language, but I'm really beginner.

I need to view result of my sketch on serial port monitor (like Putty for example). I don't have Arduino Board, I work on it only 2 h in school, and I want to write sketch in home.

I don't want emulate hardware or something. I want just: run my sketch and view result on serial port monitor. That's all I need.

What should I do? Please, help me. It's very important, because I don't have a lot of time to finish my sketch and I must finish it at home.

Woithout a board theres nothing to run sketch on ..

I don't want emulate hardware or something.

Without an arduino that is your only option.

I know that I must use emulator, but I won't use it to emulate LED's, resistors etc.

So which free emulator could I use just to view a sketch in a serial port monitor option?

Arduino (sketch) -> some emulator/simulator -> virtual serial connection -> serial port monitor (PUTTy or something)

That is what I need. Any ideas?

Any ideas?

Just google the words:-
arduino emulator

Several to choose from.

And those emulator could be used like real board, just to run a sketch and send data to serial port monitor? I tried some of emulator yesterday but I don't get a satisfying effects.