How to decrease indent? + Shift+TAB feature req.

Just a minor thing that bugs me a little about the arduino IDE; how does one decrease indent without resorting to deleting space manually on every line?

I know it says in the arduino IDE, under the "Edit" menu, the shortcut keys are "Ctrl + Open Bracket". I assume "open bracket" is the "[" , but on my keyboard (norwegian), I have to press "Alt Gr" and "8". Ctrl + Alt Gr + 8 doesn't work. Nor any other combination I've tried.

As I've just installed processing, I see that editor is pretty much the same (with the same issue), but I thought I should ask here anyway.

Or if someone knows how to change it. The only thing I found in preferences.txt was an entry for "editor.indent = true", which wasn't very helpful.

TAB also works for increasing indent. May I suggest that Shift + TAB also is used to decrease indent? (And at the same time, suggesting that when one of the lines hit the left edge, no further indenting is done?).

I hope this is the right part of the forum to post this.

When I select a block of text, TAB indents one level, and Shift TAB un-indents one level, in both 17 and 18.

It also stops un-indenting when there are no spaces to remove on the left side.

Did you mean that indenting should stop when the text reaches the right side? If so, I'd have to disagree on that. Tying behavior to window width is not something I want to see happen. What would you expect to have happen if the window was made wider? Narrower?

Thats strange. Shift + TAB doesn't work for me, in neither 17 nor 18. I'm using Linux Ubuntu. I do have it in windows XP too, and I don't think it works there either (but I'm not sure right now so I'll have to test it first, but I doubt it).

Did you mean that indenting should stop when the text reaches the right side?

No, the left side. I mean, when you are decrementing the indent of a block of code, and the leftmost text in that block hits the leftmost side of the window, it should stop decrementing the indent. Or else the block will eventually be equally indented at the leftmost side, if one continues to decrease indent.

The right side should have no such limits, as it is now.

Ok, now I've tested arduino 0018 in windows XP, and Shift + TAB works. But I'd like to have it working in Linux too.

I'll have to try this on my Ubuntu box at home, so I can't tell you much from here, except that maybe there is a Compiz extras/effects setting that is intercepting the keypress(es), and keeping it from working. That would be my initial thought. You might also try running the IDE from the command line (and turn on any debugging info), and see if when you press the keys you get any errors.


That was a good idea, unfortunately it didn't work (I did a "metacity --replace &"). How do I turn on debugging info? I usually start arduino from the console anyway, but don't see any messages like that.