How to define the photodiode(TSL1402R) for the Arduino Zero?

[code][/code]void setup() { Serial.begin(9600); // Initialize serial interface to computer (i.e. serial monitor or plotter) INIT_DAC(); // Initialize the DAC CENTER_PZT(); // Set DAC voltage to middle of range INIT_PHOTO(); // Initialize the photodiode array READ_PHOTO(); // Read the photodiode array DO_FFT(); // Calculate the FFT of the photodiode array data FIND_PEAK_INDEX(); // Determine index of peak in FFT KMAX(); // Calculate spatial wavevector of the interferogram INIT_PHOTO(); // Maybe could be replaced by START_EXPOSURE() READ_PHOTO(); // Read photodiode again in preparation for next step PHASE_ANGLE(); // Calculate the complex phase angle of the FFT peak DISPLACEMENT(); // Calculate the displacement from the phase angle predisplacement = displacement; // Save the initial displacement corresponding to center of PZT range Setpoint = 0; // Define the initial setpoint delay(100); // Allow things to settle before beginning loop START_EXPOSURE(); // Turn on the photodiode array and begin integrating }

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Thank you for the suggestions. This piece of code is written for the TSL1402R(linear photodiode array) which compiles for the Arduino Uno but it does not compile for the Arduino Zero. Does anyone know what are the corresponding functions for the Arduino Zero in this piece of the code?

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You still have not provided any useful information. The code you posted will not compile, period.

You use a library that does not support the Zero.