How to deploy Arduino 1.8.16 with 2 board installs

We need to deploy Arduino IDE 1.8.16 with the Sandeep NRF52 and Adafruit SAMD board files pre-installed on Windows 10 for 50 school laptops. Problem is that the Arduino libraries default to the user folder App data, and these folders are not included in backup schemes as they are bulky. The OneDrive for Education only syncs Documents, Images etc., the visible user folders.

So I want to roll out something with the libraries all in a program file folder for available for any account. How to do that? Any guides for that?

Would be great if the IDE gets a portable variation that does not need installation and resides in a single movable folder.

It does have a portable option (although v2.x does not as far as I am aware)


Thanks, looks promissing.