How to design an enclosure around the load cell (Beam type)?

Hardware and Electronics Used: Arduino UNO, HX711 ADC Load cell amplifier, Load Cell (2Kg); Currently, I am working on a project which requires me to put load cell along with the other circuitry in an enclosure to make it water-resistant... But while doing so, the weighing platform and the base come in contact (as shown in picture 2). This messes up the readings. I 3D printed various loading styles and tried out a few different configurations but none of them seem to work. The configuration that is shown in Image1 is an ideal one that yields precise results irrespective of where you place the load on the weighing platform. The configuration in Image2 yields fluctuating readings which make no sense whatsoever. Can you suggest to me some way by which I can design a proper enclosure around the load cell and the circuitry in order to get proper readings and also keep it water-resistant?

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That sure sounds like a class assignment.
Anything 3-D printed with plastic does not qualify as even water resistant unless it is properly coated after printing.
How much movement does the load cell require for your project?

By 'water-resistant' I don't mean to say resisting against water getting absorbed through the material. I know you can't do that with 3D printing. It's just that the water shouldn't seep in through the gaps and openings in the model. 3D printing is just for prototyping and attaining clarity on what mounting styles work the best. Once the design is finalized, I'd not be 3d printing anymore. About the load cell displacement; the weight I will be measuring will be a little over 900grams (Load cell capacity: 2kg, Dimensions(LxWxH): 81x12x12mm). I'm not sure how to put it in terms of the movement of the load cell.

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