How to detect boiler power off

Hi to all,

my boiler sometimes power off because the outside temperature is too low or because it runs out of fuel.
I would like to find a way to use Arduino to detect when this happens in order to power on it again or to execute other operations (like send me an alert email).

I was thinking to use an Hall sensor to detect when the current is null on the boiler power cable.

What do you think about it?
Is there any smart and robust solution to do this?

Thank you!

Is there a warning light that is ON when the boiler is powered up? If so you could probably detect it with a Light Dependent Resistor (LDR) or a photo diode.


Yes there is but I have more than one boiler and the led is not present on every one.

You can use CPR or current protection relay with CT (according to your ampere usage of boiler).
CPR detects presence of current and you can set low and high set point of ampere's to activate its relay.
So whenever CPR detects 0 amp it's relay will get activate and gives signal to your Arduino and you can also perform further action with help of Arduino.

You can use CPR or current protection relay with CT (according to your ampere usage of boiler).

Thank you a lot for your answer! Where can I find this kind of device? I tried to search "CPR current arduino" on google, but I found nothing relevant.. can you give me more information please?

Thank you a lot!

You have to search it as current protection relays. You can search it under brands like Siemens, Schneider,omron or Delta.

I’ve read about current protection relays on Wikipedia: Protective relay - Wikipedia

But i didn’t found any example of their use with Arduino and I wasn’t able to find them as part to buy online.

Can I ask you more information, please? Where can I read more about them and how to use them with Arduino?

Well I'm from India and we have CPR available here from different automation companies.
You just have to set high and low ampere value in them and they will read ampere through CT( current transformer).
When the ampere value goes up or below your setpoints it will activate NO point of its relay as a alarm signal.
You just have to give +5v from Arduino to CPR's relay COM and take signal from NO points back into Arduino digital input.
So whenever CPR raise alarm relay you will get signal of +5v in Arduino from NO point of CPR.
You can further attach GSM modem or Ethernet module to arduino to send you message or email about boiler trip.

Thank you for your help! So, I really think that CPR is really what I need for my project!

The problem is that I'm not able to find any product online! Do you buy them online? Can you suggest me a website where I can but them?