how to detect message when trip only once

hai…i have problem with that coding…i juz want detect a message when trip juz once…so now when trip, message when sent to me many can waste my credit top, how to fix that coding.tq

sim900.txt (4.56 KB)

  if (digitalRead(Trip == HIGH))It might be a good idea to fix this

yes..correct.but my project will turn to the LOW through sending text..that mean if i do if (digitalRead(Trip == HIGH)),i will get many time message from gsm because im implement pin trip to the RCCB..while RCCB trip i've got message,so i will send a message to the gsm to pull the RCCB long as RCCB trip,the if (digitalRead(Trip == HIGH))..hope u can understand.

that mean if i do if (digitalRead(Trip == HIGH))

You should not be "doing" this.


 if (digitalRead(Trip) == HIGH)

same..not change

He didn't say it would fix your problem instantaneous, but it was at least a BIG error in your code. :wink:

same..not change

Post the code as it is now in a new message