How to determine the board revision number of an Arduino Uno board?


could you please tell me how to identify the board revision number of an Arduino-Uno board?
Unfortunately there is no information available in the handbook or in the packing the board came with.

According to a picture I found on wikipedia [1] the board I have bought should belong to R3.
But refering to the Arduino website [2] I’m confused.

My board fits to the picture shown in [2] which is named “Arduino Uno SMD”, please find screenshot [3] enclosed too. But there is no revsion number shown directly beneath that picture.
Does this mean that it is an Atmega8?

I think by comparing schematics with my board step by step it will be somehow possible to find it out by myself. But I would like to know if there is an “official” resp. better way to get this information.

Thank you very much!

[3] Screenshot from [2] with board marked in yellow color

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Its the Uno SMD surely... It doesn't have the same pin out as the Uno R3.

Thank you for responding.

I found it out! It is printed at the back end side of the board itself.. how embarrassing.. :blush:

It is an R3 in SMD edition. Problem solved!