how to determine threshold to count step human by use ADXL345 sensor and arduino

Hi all I get problem for algorithm to determine threshold to count step. Anyone can show for me? thanks many

You simply have to experiment. Figure out some way to record the output of the ADXL while you are walking around, and decide on a cutoff.

You will probably need to use a peak detection algorithm. google will show you many possibilities.

thks jremington,i read some of reference,they say threshold =(max+min)/2 . Max min is value of 3 axis of adxl .But i thing if threshold computed as above function, threshold will ~ 0 . But code ardui is threshold=80.. I dont understand....

Unless you are familiar with peak detection algorithms I recommend capturing raw readings and sending to serial monitor while simulating arm leg movements in different stages of walking, sitting, standing. You can copy and paste into Excel and graph the numbers to see what kind of peaks, valleys or inflections you get.

If it were me, I would simulate actions and gestures I don't want it to count in addition to actions that I do want to count, such as taking a step, and look for patterns. keep in mind the pace you want to record. Walking, jogging, running, sprinting. After all of that, for me I would have to include crawling and gasping for air! Plus this would be best on a treadmill rather than lugging your computer.

Good luck and I hope you learn a lot!

hi jseery.I dont understand your opinion.I only count to step by adaptive peak detection but I dont know How do to determine peak

I dont know How do to determine peak

Google is your friend!