How to determine type of Hope RFM69 module?


I’ve bought two RFM69HW modules from a chinese dealer. (Please no comment about that :slight_smile: )
After trying a couple of hours to get these to communicate with each other I noticed that the modules only was labeled as RFM69 and 433MHz. So I don’t know if it’s just some sloppy labeling or if I got the wrong type of modules. In this thread I’m only interested in if anyone can help me to identify the exact type of module. (no question about the source code)

The chip says: H RF69 1547 W3F723
The crystal(?) says: 32.000 MHz-H

Adding two pictures of one of the modules.
(The big black thing in the upper left corner of the “front” picture is just a single pin female connector I’ve soldered to be able to easily test different type of wire antennas.)


Just want to point out that I ordered 433MHz so that seems ok according to labeling.

You can look at several different types of RFM69 modules at Anarduino and HopeRF Products
This discussion may be helpful.

I've not read that discussion before, but still no news for me.

I would like to determine the type visually but that's perhaps impossible? Tried to measure the current between VCC and GND and got 16mA when idle and +30mA when sending. (Using a simple multimeter) That is pretty far from 130mA that is max for the HW model. The chip numbers doesn't get any hit when I Google it. So then I finally decided to post on this forum. Perhaps my question is a bit too detailed for this site and I have to find a more specific RF forum? If measuring and comparing resistor ratings would give me an answer, then I would be perfectly happy with that kind of information.

In your topside photo, there appears to be many missing chips. The solder is on the pad but no chip between the pads. Compare your board with the photos at the site jremington provided. It may be a very bad Chinese clone of another Chinese board.

Your photo looks exactly like those of the RFM69HW modules posted on the Anarduino site.

The photos are actually not the same. As seen on this page my modules are missing two regulators(?). The medium size black components. The problem with comparing pictures is that many dealers is using the same picture for all types of RFM69 modules.

There also seems to be numerous missing small chip components. That was probably a defective board run as the pick and place machine did not work. They sold them as scrap but an eBay dealer decided to sell them anyway.

Look on Adafruit as they have the Hope module on a breakout board. The header pins match a proto board so are much easier to use. It also has pads for an edge mounted SMA connector for the antenna.

The modules have several different frequency options, so it is to be expected that the type and placement of certain components will differ, even when only the frequency has changed.

jremington, you are probably right.
I’ve done some more testing today and the results are clear. The high power settings won’t work whatsoever on the modules I got.
I got good 41.5mA reading on the module during transmission and the receiving module receives the data.
When setHighPower() is used the receiving module doesn’t receive the data anymore and the transmitting module current reading is 16.5mA. It should have been 130mA if the module was a real HW. So I’m 99% sure now that I got RFM69W modules and not RFM69HW modules.