How to develop circuit using TM1637

I bought a TM1637 module for 4-digit 7-segment LED application, and everything going right (use TM1637 library). And I want to design a new circuit including TM1637 inside the circuit, so I bought some TM1637 IC pieces.

However I could not successfully make the circuit work. The fully connected circuit with 7-segment LED did not work. So I individually tested the TM1637 IC.

I connect the VDD, GND, DIO, CLK from arduino to TM1637 IC like this

By the way, the arduino program I used to test is as same as the program successfully driving TM1637 module.

I probed the output voltage (connecting to 7 segment LED, i.e. SG1~8) and I got 0V, so I suspect that the IC is not working. I also test two other TM1637 ICs. Normally the voltage output of SG1~8 on TM1637 module should be around 1.4V)

any ideas to debug the problems?


I see VDD and GND connected only.

try to put VDD at 3.3V instead 5V.. at mine works in this mode... or you long start-up (cca. 30 seconds) without VDD :o