How to disable Li-Po charging circuit in MKR 1500 NB

I am currently powering mkr 1500 via powerbank using usb port. But the CHRG indicator is always blinking. I would like to disable Li-Po charging circuit. How can I do it? How much power is consumed when no Li-Po battery is connected and CHRG indicator continously blinks?

Hi abnair,

I recently posted about this here: MKR NB 1500 charge light flashing powered by VIN - MKR Family / MKRNB1500 - Arduino Forum

I'm also looking for a way to disable the charge light, I'll be able to do a bit more digging over the coming weeks and will post back here if I find anything.

Thanks Nathan. Any luck?

You can disable charging by setting bit 4&5 of REG01 to zero through I2C of the bq24195L. The problem is that the arduino core handles some of these settings, so you have to set them after the arduino core initializes the bq24195L.

This is the part of variant.cpp that enables charging.