How to disable power led?

it is possible to disable power led? In the schematics it seems that this is not possible,
I’m wrong?

You can’t disable it via an Arduino sketch. You need to disable it in hardware by desoldering the LED. It’s a little tricky because the LED is so small but it’s certainly doable with a standard soldering iron and a bit of care and patience. There is a solder joint on each side of the LED and you need to get them both to melt at the same time. I recommend using flux to make it easier to get the solder to melt, then clean the board well after to remove the flux residue. The main thing to be careful about is to avoid heating any of the other components on the Arduino board other than the LED. You’ll likely end up melting the plastic lens of the LED in the process, but that’s not a big deal.

You can probably just cut it off with cutters...