How to disable WiFi on Yun ?

How do i disable the wifi on Yun ?

I went to the Yun config GUI, unclicked "configure a wireless network", clicked "configure & restart", but after i restarted, my notebook would still see the Arduino SSID.

To answer my own question:

  1. Comment out wifi-live-or-reset in /etc/rc.local
  2. Go to /etc/modules.d, move away all kernel modules for the wireless interface, e.g.:
    chdir /etc/modules.d
    mkdir .NOT
    mv 26-ath 27-ath9k-common 28-ath9k 50-wdt-ath79 .NOT

Reboot, and there will be no wireless interface.

No idea whether this is the easiest way to achieve this goal, but looking through all the init scripts, i couldn't figure out an esker way. Especailly this "wifi-live-or-reset" is a real nasty piece of system config, especially when you do not know about it, and for example try to disable the wifi interface in the expanded config web interface - and get periodic reboots after 2 minutes or so.

Official way to disable wifi:

affter run that procedure, it’s possible to turn the wifi enable back ?

Yes, do the contrary of what the procedure says Arduino Playground - Yun

The Arduino Yun wi-fi works pretty nice, so far I test it, i like it more and more, but I think the Linux get corrupted, at any try to get conection by wifi or ethernet, the navigator start with arduino blue screen then stop and the navigator show the standard conection fault message.

Just to remove the easy problems: have you upgraded the yun with the latest image? Please upgrade your Yún - latest is 1.3 - Arduino Yún - Arduino Forum

Please let me know if there's anyway to turn off the Arduino Yun WiFi.
I need to do this under the Arduino IDE with windows 7 (not LINUX).
After trying all suggestions from different posts/forums.
None worked as after 5 minutes the WiFi is enabled again.
None of these suggestions worked:

Please advise which forum I can ask this on, etc.
Your advise is greatly appreciated.