How to display analog data wirelessly to serial monitor on computer?

Hi guys,
Currently,i m working on a project based on xbee S1 and Arduino Leonardo board. Basically, i need to display analog data from a 5 flex sensor on the arduino board to another board wirelessly with Xbee. So far, i managed to send data over but value on the serial monitor is not what i desired. The photo i uploaded is the desired result.
i also uploaded both Sender and Reciver program. Pls help me take a look.

Hardware i used:
2 x Arduino Leonardo Board
2 x Xbee S1(Already configured properly)
1 x Arduino Proto Shield
1 x ArduinoXbee v1.1

Sender.ino (1.34 KB)

Reciver.ino (181 Bytes)


Trying to use human print images to transfer data is always a poor idea. Imagine your data to be a bunch of binary bits … you just want to send the data byte-by-byte.

You can search for more info if you need to, but this will get you started.