How to display and input numberic caharcter?

Hi..Im the beginner of using Arduino. I want to make a project called mathematics game for kids that need input from the kids to enter answer when a question display on the LCD. But i have no idea what should I use in order to make my project real and successful. Means that I do not know what type of LCD (to display character) should I have and what type of keypad(to enter number 1 to 9) should I use? And how to make connection between these 3 things (Arduino, LCD, Keypad) or anything else should be use? I think I want to use Arduino Duemilanove. I hope that someone can help me and give me some suggestion.Thank You.

Start simple - get a 12-key keypad, wire it up per the keypad demo in the playground, getting the key presses to appear on your PC.

Then add in the LCD screen next.

Little pieces at a time.

Hi there Teddy. I'm a beginner too working on a similar problem. So far I've gotten a keypad to do my bidding and as soon as I get my LCD I will integrate it with the display. You can see what I've come up with so far at: