How to display live serial monitor data on Ble controller Android App through BL

Hello Sir,

//In Arduino with BLE shield
switch (Option) {
case 'a':

case 'b':

Here I want to select Case 'a'/'b' from Android BLE Controller App, and also Whatever data going to print in serial monitor after selection, the same data need to display in Android BLE Controller App.

Could you please help me sharing reference program.

Thanks in Advance.

Could you please help me sharing reference program.

Without seeing the rest of your code, or knowing how the hardware you have (whatever mysterious hardware you have) is connected? No.

Hello Sir,

I Have connected Arduino Mega + IMU 9250 + Ble sheild.
Please find an ++Attachment for image of connection.

I wanted to trig from BLE controller app to arduino+IMU, and am expecting the results to be appear on BLE Controller.

Is at possible?

Is at possible?

Yes, it is. Post the code you have so far if you need help.


I have got the solution but i have struck here

If i want to print any data, am using " ble_write_bytes("String", No of chars);"
Ex: " ble_write_bytes("Hello", 5);"
Do we have any other way?

byte i = 5;
How to print i value using ble_write ??
I have tried all these ways, but could not work

  1. ble_write(i);
  2. ble_write(&i);
  3. ble_write(bytes*);*
    Could you please help me?

Could you please help me?

Could YOU stick to one post per question? Do NOT start another thread after adding a question here, or do not add a question here after starting a new thread.