How to do a code to control an air pump

Hello, I am new on all this stuff and I have a question, hoping someone has a code or know how to do it.
The question is: I need to control a 12VDC air pump with 1 or 3 buttons, each button will control different cycles of suction, example: button 1 cycle 1000 in HIGH and 1000 in LOW, button 2 2000 in HIGH and 1000 in LOW, button 3 in HIGH 3000 and in LOW 1000. When we press button 1 only that cycle will work, when we press button 2 buttons 1 won't work anymore and the same when I press button 3. Right now I have done it with 2 options of cycles, the fist is continuous which pump works all the time and the second is ( 1000 HIGH and 1000LOW) I am using a relay which activates a 12v selenoid.
Thanks, I will appreciate all help.

Please read the “How to use this forum” post and follow the directions to:

  1. post a link to the product page or user manual for the pump
  2. post a wiring diagram (hand drawn)
  3. post the code, using code tags
  4. clearly describe the problem, and what the code should do.

Units are also quite important.
1000 of what?

Also curious (but less relevant to the question) is what you're really trying to control. First you say it's a 12VDC air pump, later you say it's a relay which in turn controls a 12V solenoid