how to do a get request by a website from the arduino


I'm well known with arduino and C.
But i have no knowledge of websites.
So i started with a HTML 5 document to create the same screen with almost the same code and routines as i use in my arduino code.
so far so good.
I see after some playing around i can do exactly the same with the website as the tft screen but on my tft screen i update my values during the loop.
But how can i do that without refreshing the complete page. on the website.

I have the idea i can do it with javascript and an additional js file. but the files i found are pretty big.
i don't want to use the sd to store data so i want to minimize the extra overhead by adding the complete java file to my code.
I also tried to read the java file but its unreadable the way the save it.
the only i miss now is the request for values from the arduino.

i already build a loop within the website which overwrite the data so it updates values on a site without a refresh of the page.

Anyone an yidea how to request the values once in a while from the website. without adding the java source files.


You can put simple refreshing data pages in frames in the static main page. you can also get a little more elaborate like in the below tutorial.

o that simple.