How to do wall portrait with the arduino?

I want to start wall portrait project, I want to ask is there any kind of screen that could be use for this purpose?


What do you mean by "wall portrait"?

I think fire1 meant a picture frame or picture portrait. :)

Yes, I need to do such a project that will change the picture automatically every 10 min, by using my memory card, I need some help

what display did you have in mind?

Or do you make a picture on some linen cloth and let a few small servos make random movements behind it so the "structure" of the face changes ? (moving eyes, nose mouth etc) Coupled with a few multicolour led's could be cool ;)

So you want a digital picture frame. How large? Displays designed for the Arduino tend to be 2 or 3 inches in size. I suspect you will want something larger.

Yes, I need one that could be hang up in the wall with good sizes, how much it will cost?

what is the price of a (cheap) tablet ...

robtillaart: what is the price of a (cheap) tablet ...

You can get a 10-inch Android tablet for under $120.

Here's a 12" digital picture frame for $70+shipping:

Yes, I've NOT found a suitable shield for controlling multiple LED screens, relatively large format for crowds within 20 feet, to suit my needs. Envisioning 2' x 3 '-ish, at least three at a time while Uno does other tasks. I'm just a newbie. I've seen cool shields for other stuff like motors but the multi-LED panel issue remains for me. Thoughts, while I wait for Uno to arrive and I can appreciate IDE?