How to download program to uDunio

I wired up uDunio as intructed

I use my Arduino Duemilanove to download program. The program runs well on board. Then I unplug the atmega 168 and plug into the uDunio setup, nothing works. I tried to use 16Mhz Crystal, neither working.

The program is the simplest sample Blink. My LED with 220ohm on pin 13 either turn on or off but not blinking.

Any suggestions?

The version without the oscillator won't work without changing the fuse settings and ideally the bootloader. The oscillator version uses a ceramic resonator. If you did use a crystal, you'll need a couple of load capacitors extra to the instructions and adjust the circuit to suit.

Thanks for the reply.

If I have the 22pf capacitor and 16Mhz crystal, can I download the program to atmega168-20pu via my Arduino Diecimila? What option should I choose when compile program, Diecimila or mini?

What I want to do is:

  • make a trim down level of arduino circuit board for my robot
  • once program is tested and downloaded to the atmega168, i relocate the atmega168 IC to the circuit board in my robot

so i can buy a number of atmega168 for my projects and build into customized size of boards (atmega168 + 2x22pf + 16Mhz +10k+power), but to keep one real Arduino Diecimila purely for testing and download program.

Heres a delightfully noob friendly trimmed down cheap arduino, you can buy it ready made, as a kit, as a pcb or just use the circuit to make your own :

Have a look at the schematic and instructions. They also sell a USB interface you can just plug in and t works like a duemilanov. Its what I base my home brew arduinos on. Its a lot easier to have an interface, swapping chips to test your sketch becomes very tiring very quickly..........

It uses a resonator rather than a crystal and capacitors, its a lot easier (1 component rather than 3). They are accurate enough for most things you would use an arduino for.

um. could be a good choice. but the board is too big and include extra components that is not necessary after download program.

You can cut the power supply off the end of the board if you don't need it, other than that its the simplest practical circuit.

Trust me ('ve been there) programming the chip and swapping it to another board to run it sucks.

Heres one my home brews I based on the RBBB, built on stripboard :

That looks great.thanks. But i still want to play the s... way:D for a better size. wish me good luck!