How to draw schematif of 3S2P battery configuration?

This is probably an very stupid question, but can someone show me an correct way to draw a schematic that shows tre cells inn series and two in parallel?

What is the purpose of the schematic? If it's to show the battery in a larger circuit just draw a battery and write 3S2P against it.

If it is to show the connections within the battery then there are two ways to make a 3S2P battery 1. Connect cells in parallel pairs, the connect 3 of the pairs in series or 2. connect 2 make sets of 3 cells in series then connect the 2 sets in parallel. What you draw will depend on what you're doing.


Like that?

Almost, except I believe the positive (+) plates are drawn as the longer.
And strictly, that isn’t Vcc, but more appropriately Vbat

But how do i draw balance leads pads in schematic?

What are "balance leads pads"? If you mean that you have 4 balance leads on a 3S2P pack as well as the 2 power leads then the cells aren't connected as you've drawn them. They are parallel pairs then connected in series.

I'll ask again - What is the purpose of this schematic?


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