How to drive a Quadstepper and four steppers with an Arduino?

Hi all,

I'm new to using Arduinos, and have a few questions. I'm trying to use a Quadstepper to drive three different stepper motors, but don't know how to use an Arduino to do this. I would probably be using a Duemilanove.

I need to be able to drive each motor [u]independently[/u], and I need to be able to choose which motor I am currently controlling.

Does anyone have guidelines as to how to actually wire my Arduino?

There is a STEP pin, a DIRECTION pin and four ENABLE pins. Use the ENABLE pins to select which motor you are controlling. Use the DIRECTION pin to select the direction you want the motor to move. Use the STEP pin to move the motor one step.

Did you download the Arduino library that Sparkfun points to?

You should also study the schematic and read the datasheet for the controller chips:

I'm using a piece of sample code from the QuadStep library and it requires the usage of each Step channel pin (four total). I'm plugging them into the right slots on my Arduino MEGA2560 (upgraded from my Duelimanove!), but now I have a new issue: I am going to be powering, for now, the Arduino from my laptop. I am powering the Quadstep from a separate power supply.

My issue is, the powers can't mix on a breadboard (right? Like, I shouldn't power the breadboard from both the arduino and QS?), so I don't know how to wire it. I would like to have a jumper from the QS power to the breadboard, and then from there into the arduino, but I don't think the arduino has a power input pin. How should I power both of them?

Reeeallly getting urgent, I need some help quickly.

I now need to drive three motors, but I need to be able to switch between what motor I am controlling. I don’t know how to code this on the arduino side.

Right now I’m using the example code:

SparkFun Electronics 2011
Aaron Weiss, aaron at sparkfun dot com
Beer-ware License: You can do whatever you want with this sketch.
If we meet someday, you can buy me a beer.

QuadSetpper Example Sketch. For use with an Arduino Mega2560 and
a 1.8 degree bipolar stepper motor.

You must connect the STP pin for each motor as shown below.
For rest of the pins, you choose where they go.

Motor1 STP pin: mega pin 11
Motor2 STP pin: meag pin 5
Motor3 STP pin: meag pin 6
Motor4 STP pin: mega pin 46

Library Usage:

x: motor channel number
y: enable pin assignment
z: direction pin assignment
l: MS1 pin assignment
m: MS2 pin assignment
n: MS3 pin assignment

x: motor channel number
y: step size: 1, 2, 4, 8, or 16
z: increments for given step size
for full step: 1 increment = 1.8deg
for half step: 1 increment = 0.9deg and so on
negaitve numbers rotate in the opposite direction
l: torque/speed (0-10), 0 is high speed/low torque/low current
10 is low speed/high torque/high current (2.0A max)

x: motor channel number

// include the motor library
#include <quadstep.h>

// create an instance of the class motor
quadstep quadstep;

void setup() {

// assign the pin connections
quadstep.motor_pins(1,A1,36,A8,A9,A10); //ch 1
quadstep.motor_pins(2,10,9,8,7,4); //ch 2
quadstep.motor_pins(3,22,23,24,25,26); //ch 3
quadstep.motor_pins(4,27,28,29,30,31); //ch 4


//1.8deg = 1step
void loop() {

// step motor 4 for 200 increments CW
// step motor 4 for 200 increments CCW

// holds the motor in one position with full torque/current

Can someone please help me as to how I can switch between what motor I am driving with, say, a button?