How to drive pulse n direction stepper driver using 2560 R3?

To build 3d printer using Nema23 stepper, drv8825 or a4988 is Not powerful.
And think to use Industrial Stepper Driver like RDGJT442 to work with Ramps1.4 Board n Mega 2560 R3 Enhanced for 24V, but how can I configure?
Any ideas?

Most stepper drivers just require step and direction signals from the Arduino - that is how the DRV8825 and A4988 work.

I suspect you could use wires to connect the relevant pins on the RAMPS board to an industrial stepper driver. You will probably also need a GND connection.

Obviously the industrial drivers will have their own power supply and won't require power from the RAMPS board.

If the RAMPS board is only used to control the stepper motors it may not be needed at all - perhaps you could draw the step and direction signals directly from the Arduino.

Stepper Motor Basics

Most proper stepper drives just have opto isolated inputs, so provide two pins per input, and
usually give step, direction and enable inputs. You would normally connect the negative inputs
to ground and drive the positive inputs (check if the device has built-in resistors though). Or you
can connect all the positive inputs to +5V and drive the negative inputs from pins...

Normally you would find that the minimum step pulse width is given as 10us or so, because cheap
opto isolators are sluggish.