How to drive TFT screen of MP4 with arduino?

hi fellows,
im thinking about making a bluetooth wrist watch to check my messages on my phone on the go.
As you already know those colored screens are pretty expensive for a hobbyist and student.
And im going to open-source the code and the hardware if i succeed.
Please help.. Those commercial bluetooth wrist watches are like 200$ and not available in every country
if we would have such an open-source project it would lower the prices a lot.
Here are two photos from the TFT screen on the MP4 circuitry.

any suggestions welcome :slight_smile:

i have googled a lot and i couldnt find any datasheet about this TFT.
but im sure some of our members in this forum who are familiar with TFT's or LCD's might have an idea.
i labelled my opinions on some of those pins on the lcd.