How to eleminate Softpot noise on analog input

Hello everyone,

I have a project with 3 softpot, a kind of membrane potentiometer, but they are realy noisy, but i want to eleminate that noise without loosing analog value reading speed ... i’ve tried some smoothing technics ( average, exponential ... ) but it doesn’t worked very well ... can i eliminate this noise by reading the voltage of the analog pin or by using regulator or something on the hardware ?
( sorry if my english isn’t that good, i’m french )


I’d try a capasitor… Depending on pots resistance. select a time constant <<1s

How fast do you want the readings to respond? A low pass filter needs to have a suitable cut-off frequency for
best noise reduction without too much slowing of the response.

Using hardware filtering with a capacitor has the advantage that you won’t need to read the pin as often.