How to erase unwanted compiled skecthes in Arduino Memory?


When not working on my main arduino project, I started to build some other sketches but when I went back working on my main project I got this message from the IDE: Invalid version found: version 2013-07-07-17:51. I want to erase that compiled sketch from my arduino, But I can't find a way. Please help me!


Looks like one of the libraries has a bogus version number. Time to update your version of the IDE.

I downloaded and reinstalled the Arduino IDE but the problem is still there.

I still get this as a message when the compilation is done;

"Invalid version found: version 2013-07-07-17:51" and I am more ythan ever certain that there are one other compiled sketch lurking in the Memory of my Arduino Due.

Will a reset do it?
Does a reset kill the Memory?


The compilation process does not even look at the memory of the board.
Only after the sketch is compiled successfully does it attempt to talk to the board - hence there is no possible way that a compilation error could have anything to do with any attribute of the board. You would get the same error with no board connected, or a different board connected, or anything else.

This is purely an installation issue. See that other thread - some time around 1.6.3 they released the IDE with a library with a bad version string (that should be a version number, but it's a date). That other thread was in april, and it was fixed then. So 1.6.5 should work without issue. Be sure you've cleaned out all the debris from the old installation that had that problem - I suspect you have not.

I suspect the error message you're getting contains more information - like, about where this bad version number is. If you need further help here, please post the full error message.