How to exported Arduino values into B4A?

OK. Here is my problem. In school we are making new android app with B4A pragramming language. So far, we make a nice deseigner look, we also succesfully made SQL database and SQL tables. Now we want more.

Our goal sounds like this. In music concert, we wan't set some sound sensors. This sound sensors will detects human claps. And so far, we make this with Arduino Uno succesfully. In serial interface we are obtaining values, eg. for each clap we get one value. Clap counter.

The question is: How we can send this values from Arduino to B4A. We need this, so that we can rate music from 1 to 5 depending on human clapping. For example if the audience at a concert applauded 100 times, the music will get a rate eg. 3.

We are planing to do this via wifi. Also can be done with bluetooth

How is the Arduino connected to the Android?

Arduino it's not connected yet with Android, but we wan't to connect them via wifi shield eg. we wan't to send this values on the tablet in the same network.

Wifi shield is connected on internet network, and we are wondering how to send this values on tablets.

If you are using a WiFi then you can upload the data to a server from Arduino. For e.g. heroku, can run a node js server very easily and you can use mongodb or any other db to persist data at server end.

Your Android app should fetch data from the same node js server.

Another option is using Bluetooth. In this case no server is required. Android app polls the Arduino in periodic or when user click a refresh button, request arduino to send the data.

Slow down, I may sound a bit proffesional but I'm far from it hahaha. Can you explain this at bit lower level, amateurishly. We don't even know how to connect WiFi shield with tablet.

I dont know how to explain much more simpler than that. May be a bit of learning about web service will help to understand what I said.

Nodejs is an easy platform to create web services faster.

A webservice is a piece of code sits in a server (a central location), to which Arduino will POST data via Wifi shield or ESP module.

Android code should also refer the same service but these guys GET data posted by Arduino.

For connectivity.... I would suggest looking into the ESP8266 module (wifi)

there are many flavors... but it seems an ESP-01 would be a good fit, since you dont need to control any I/O pins.. just use the wifi to send/received data.

You can use the ESP module to send data to a 3rd party server/script.. and have it handled/parsed any way you see fit.

I dont know anything about B4A... but using MySQL/PHP script.. this is a simple task..