How to extend my Balloon Pop game in Processing by connecting it to an Arduino?

hello everyone! I am a beginner at Processing, though i know the basics, and I know absolutely nothing about Arduino.However I have an assignment that requires extending an Processing application we have made to Arduino.

The concept of my Processing app is a simple mini game that measures reaction time. It has a start screen, that needs to be clicked to launch the game. The aim of the game is to click, or ‘pop’ 20 balloons consecutively, as fast as you can. When one balloon is clicked, it pops, and another one immediately appears in a random location on the screen. If you miss it, the balloon counter goes back up to 20. When 20 balloons are clicked in a row and the balloon counter reaches 0, the game finishes and you are presented with your time in mills.

Could someone give me any ideas or starting pointers for a concept and how I would go about doing this?
Thank You!

An Arduino is not a good target for a GUI project - use a PC or RasPi for it, with built in mouse and screen support. An Arduino is useful at a much lower level, e.g. for handling buttons or other sensors as inputs, and LEDs or motors for output. Or for handling the mouse hardware and transmitting the movements to a PC.