How to extract HTML from a text file in Arduino ?

So, first of all, I have a theoretical question.
Is there any way that I can upload a small, minimal text/HTML file to my Arduino Uno ?

The reason I ask is because I am building a web-interface to interact with my Arduino, and uploading the HTML/CSS, line-by-line is increasingly frustrating, not to mention prone to errors and bugs.

And that is why I was wondering that maybe I could store an HTML/CSS file in my Arduino's local storage (if there is any) and then parse it in my code and send it to the connected clients (via my Ethernet shield)?

Is this possible, and is there any other way to achieve this ?

If you have any more doubts relating to my question, please include it in your answer to I can clarify further.

The answer is a qualifed yes. The arduino is very limited in terms of RAM, but you could use the available macros to store the text lines in Flash. The UNO has no filesystem so you cannot store a "file", unless you add an SD card reader, which may be more of what you want.

I assume you have an Ethernet shield...

The Ethernet shield has an SD card slot built in, I suggest storing the HTML on the card to save memory. There are lots of good example online for web servers.

If it's very small you can store it in flash memory on the controller. The Uno doesn't have a lot of memory to spare though.