how to extract software from android phones?

i was salvaging hardware from my old droid and realized i needed the drivers for the cameras. i dont have a background in cs or ce; is there an easy way for me to learn how to do this?

Wrong forum. Arduino won't ever work with 32-bit drivers from an Android, and nor could it store them, and in any case those are most probably placed somewhere so safe that we can never find it. By all means inspect the pieces of your android and learn what you can, but chances are they have been designed not like a lego kit but as a "buy a complete replacement" obligation. For example, the flatscreen does not have a detachable reusable anything, to reuse at end-of-life of the android as a vga monitor or similar. Consider the nasty five pronged screw on apple ithings. Those were specially designed to not fit the toolset of a watch repairer just in case someone set up to replace batteries in 3 year old otherwise good machines.