How to find my own posts?

Apologies for posting here (couldn't see a more appropriate forum), but could someone remind me how I quickly display my own posts please?

Terry, UK


Please check out this link to find your own Arduino posts.


I also try to find it.

I also try to find it.

You’ve got two

Please check out this link to find your own Arduino posts.


But how do I get to that page please? Under PROFILE I do not see any reference to my posts.

Click on the left, on your name.

(I just composed my reply and - wanting to see if I could find any formatting tools to add an underlined word - I clicked Preview. That deleted my message and took me to a previous page. Annoying.)

OK, what I replied was roughly:

Thanks, understood. But that means first finding one of my posts. Poor design. The obvious approach would be a single button accessible from anywhere in the forum.

Bookmark this topic.

Thanks, handy workaround.

Better yet; bookmark the link given to you at the first reply.

I hope for you to have some more ingenuity to kick in.
You'll be thankful for that if you regularly visit this forum and its contents.

There is now a Sticky guide at the top of this section of the Forum