How to find out whether LoRa is receiving a packet


I want to implement listen-before-tx with LoRa. There is a way to detect the radio receiving a preamble but I want to find out whether a packet reception is going on. Is there a way to find out?

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There is a register that tells you a packet reception is in progress.

I forget which one, but it will be in the datsheet.

Did you mean 'RegModemStat', bit 'RX on-going' ?

Did you mean 'RegModemStat', bit 'RX on-going' ?

Sounds familiar.

Amazing what useful stuff is to be found in datasheets.

Did you mean 'RegModemStat', bit 'RX on-going' ?

The 'RX on-going' bit in RegModemStat register does not give the status of a pkt rx in progress.
This bit is only an indicator for modem RX Mode. Misleading name in the datasheet.

In fact there are various bits toggling across in that register while the pkt is being received but there is no single bit that gives out that status :frowning: