How to fit dogcollar with accelerometer & bluetooth


We are getting a dog !Yay! As you can probably imagine, we are seriously geeking out about dog-ownership right now. A doggy-bed with webcam is almost set up, dog-equipment is bought, dog-school is booked and we now are developing a dietary and exercise plan for the dog. What do you do when you want to track your dog's activity and weight to adapt diet and exercise. All that's missing is some Arduino goodness. Since the dog is going to arrive on the 24th, there is not much time to develop. We definitely want to start tracking physicql activity from the beginning as well as measure weight to track how the dog develops since she is slightly malnourished and underweight. Being aware of how her weight and activity behaves in response to diet and exercise plans will hopefully make us better and more effective dog-owners.

Underway from Seeedstudio are the awesomeSeeeduino Film and a Li-Ion battery and from Dealextreme we are getting a bark-stop-collar thing (for the case), a mini SD card and a little bluetooth module. The idea is really not so much to log all accelerometer data but to have the Arduino calculate measures of activity such as the area under the accelerometer curve within a certain interval for a start. This seems to be a relatively accepted measure [citation needed] and will give us good comparability if we ever switch to another device. Activity will then be logged to a text file on the SD card. So far, so good, this is easy enough. Now for the hard part:

Several times a day, if the dog is near the computer responsible for the webcam ie the bluetooth master, I want the text file to be transferred to the HD via bluetooth serial.

Do you know any existing project which have implemented this or a similar functionality and from which I could learn?