How to fix the error 7 ?from joop broking arduino quadcopter setup code

hi, I am trying to make an RC quadcopter using hifive1 mcu, first i tried with arduino uno with the help of joop brokking codes.It worked. since hifive1 is an arduino compatible board i just made few chanmges in the code to support its hardwares and uploaded the code. I am facing an error in gyroscope calibration. the error is "Gyro exes verification failed!!! (ERROR 7)". But the code is still working well for the arduino.

The first step in getting help is to read this.

You seem to assume that people here will be very familiar with your project.

If you want help you need to provide a lot more detail.

If (as I suspect) you are using a large and complex program written by someone else then I reckon you should ask the author for assistance.


Many people had worked on this, So guessed that at least one from the arduino forum might have been worked on this project. I am unable to reach the author as well. That is the reason. Anyways I will follow the way that you said. Thank you.