how to free 2kb memory (as bootloader) from Arduino

I am using Aurduino Pro min with ATmega 168 on a Seeeduino film v1.0. The program I am going to upload is bout 15kb but the Seeeduino film is limited to 14kb program memory though it has 16kb memory (2kb is used as a bootloader). My question is that if there is way to free the 2kb memory as the bootloader so that I don't have to change to another type of Arduino.

What if I am using an external programmer to burn the Aurduino? Not sure if it is possible. Need suggestion. Thanks.

If you use an ICSP programmer to upload your sketch you don't need the bootloader.

Another choice is to install an "optiboot" bootloader. I think they are only 0.5k in size.

A third choice is to optimize your sketch for size. Perhaps you have some redundant code that can be turned into functions and re-used.

Throwing out the digitalRead/Write stuff in favor of direct port manipulation usually gives unexpected gains in memory. Of course there are further possible improvements but this is always the first thing that enter my mind.