How to get 5v output from Nano 33 IOT

I am thinking of using a Nano 33 IOT in a remote device using a waterproof ultrasound device, sending the data via Bluetooth to a base station. However the sensor uses 5v input rather than 3.3v. As I understand it, the Nano 33 only gives a 5v output when powered via the USB. Is there a way of getting the Nano 33 to give a 5v output without using the 5v USB input? I was thinking of using two 18650 batteries to give me 7.4v and use the Vin pin. Is it possible to connect the battery via the USB input although the voltage will be above 5v usually supplied. I don't have a Nano 33 IOT yet so can't do hands on testing.

Failing all of that does anyone have a better board suggestion that incorporates Bluetooth?


Why not use a logic level shifter between the Nano and the sensor ?

Good suggestion, but was trying to keep things simple. Am I right in thinking that the data input from the sensor which will be at 5v will not damage the Nano, although again I could run that via the level shifter as well to bring back to 3.3v if I went that route. I will be using pins 10 & 11 for the data TX & RX.

What you wrote is very confusing

A 3V3 signal to the 5V sensor from the Nano will not damage it, although the sensor may not recognise it. as an input signal A 5V signal from the sensor to the Nano may, however, damage the Nano

Sorry if I confused you. Yes I meant a direct input from the sensor to the Nano. It will have to go via the level shifter I think to reduce it to 3.3v on D10 & D11

Hello, please check this Help Center article to get 5V from Nano boards.
Help Center:

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You can do what you like to enable the 5V pin, but that will not make the Nano 33 IOT output 5V from its GPIO pins or make those pins 5V tolerant. All it does is to make 5V available from the 5V pin

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