How to get a Adafruit Wifi Shield CC3000 to link to another CC3000

My project is telemetry for a car and I went with two Adafruit wifi shield CC3000. One Adafruit on board the car and another that will act as a a receiver. The one on board the car will transmit the data of the car to the receiver where we logged the data onto a computer.

I am a beginner in wifi communication and after going through there tutorial on there website

I understand that connecting to a dedicated router would be a good start, but I have no idea how to get the two Adafruit wifi shield CC3000 to communicate to each other once they both connect to the same router. Any guidance or help on getting the two CC3000 to talk to each other ?

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cc3000 does not have access point mode hence you need a router as you said. with a router, each cc3000 will get an ip address, and you just make one a server and the other a client.

No need for a dedicated router, your regular home network wireless router is all you need. It will assign both an IP and a hostname to any device which connects to the WLAN. You can get the IP from the output of the buildtest sketch, but it's best assign a static IP and your own name to each device using your router's admin page, usually accessible via a web address, often, but your ISP can help you with that. I have an Uno/CC3000 shield that runs a variant of Adafruit's example REST server, and a Micro/CC3000 Breakout running a web server that connects to and controls the output pins and other functions of the REST server via mouse clicks. If you stripped out all the HTML and REST interface code from these projects, you'd have a pair of CC3000s communicating with each other.

I start my first project "Weather station" with my arduino mega. My first step is, to get a CC3000 breakout board connected to my WLan Router (FritzBox 7360). I try the sketch "Buildtest". Wiring is ok.
This is the output of the serial monitor:

Hello, CC3000!

Free RAM: 6710


Initializing: ok

SSID scan started: Networks found: 8

SSID Name : UE
RSSI : 52
Security Mode: 3

SSID Name : snabltown
RSSI : 42
Security Mode: 3

RSSI : 34
Security Mode: 2


Attempting to connect to UE

My SSID "UE" is in the list but I got an error attempting to connect the modul to the router.
Who can help me?

Greetings Ulli