How to get a fresh installation that knows nothing of the past

Unstable Library Setup? Presently I am using a NANO board and made a fresh Arduino installation. I reinstalled railunio-master from a Github site. The software has been successfully used but the site seems to be abandoned since 2013. (compilation suggest that there is a fault in de library.) Now if that was the only fault I could try to correct it but several distributions (Github) suggest it should have worked! And what is worse the libray manager tells me there is an update and then I get error messages about about package_esp8266com_index.jsonhtt ...... This has nothing to do with todays work on a NANO. It has to do with old work on a WEMOS D1 R1.
So the real question is: how do I get a fresh installation that knows nothing of the past. The arduino installation directory does not exist after deinstallation. The arduino directory is cleared.
(I still have sketches around. And the WEMOS adventure ended with a blue screen (windows 11). I have used VS and visual Micro but. Visual Micro is deinstalled in this test setup)

Below you will find the compilation fault and the additional messages from the library manager.
C:\Users\jan_f\Documents\Arduino\libraries\Railunio\Railuino.cpp: In function 'int parseHex(String&, int, int, boolean*)':
C:\Users\jan_f\Documents\Arduino\libraries\Railunio\Railuino.cpp:56:15: error: cannot convert 'bool' to 'boolean* {aka bool*}' in assignment
ok = false;
exit status 1
Fout bij het compileren voor board Arduino Nano
Fout bij het downloaden van
Fout bij het downloaden van
Verificatie van bestandshandtekening mislukt: Bestand genegeerd.
Thanks in advance for the help.

In addition to the installation directory, there are two other directories where the Arduino IDE stores files:

Sketchbook folder

In addition to being a convenient place to store your sketches, this is where the Arduino IDE installs libraries.

From the output you shared, I can tell it is located here:


Data folder

This is where the Arduino IDE stores your preferences and also where Boards Manager installs the boards platforms.

It is located here:


If looking for it with your file browser or command line, note that the folder is hidden by default. On Windows "File Explorer", you can make it visible by opening the "View" menu, then checking the box next to "☐ Hidden items".

Jan, I recommend to look at adding a portable installation of the Arduino IDE. That way you can have multiple instances of the IDE next to each other. I have about 12 of those by now as sometimes I want to install specific libraries for one board, that may interfere with another board.

That helps. Did not know about the hidden directory.
The next question is what is the content of arduino15 after the first installation or can I remove arduino15 and will a new directory be created an installation?
So far you helped me a lot.

Nothing. The folder is created the first time you start the Arduino IDE.

You can remove it. Just exit the Arduino IDE first and then start the IDE again after. There is no need to uninstall and then install the IDE over again.

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