How to get arduino board infomation by programmactically

Hi Team,

Am doing analytics process for IoT projects which is developed by arduino board. so i want to get some meta data of the board and crash report / issues.

Question is

1#. How to get arduino board meta data / board info by programming ?

2#. Possible to get crash / exception data ?

reply soon ....waiting for your result.

1#. You mean like the processor signature? Using a programmer. or image recognition. 2#. You could estimate the number of times the board had been flung at the wall or stamped-on in frustration, by the degree of damage to the board.

I don't know how you expect to get crash data because it will have err.. crashed :)

What do you mean by meta data? You can write your program so as to get out any data that you put into the Arduino program - as long as it has not crashed.


The code running on the Arduino is designed for that specific Arduino. There is no need to be able to determine the board type at run time, so, no, there is no function to get that.

That information is built into the sketch at compile time, so you could pretend to have gotten it at run time, by simply having the compile process store some useful information in the sketch.

The Arduino does not have a way of dealing with exceptions, so the whole concept of a stack trace is a non-starter. Once the Arduino has crashed, the single process could not tell you anything about what any other processes might have done (since there aren’t any).

You seem to be trying to make a mountain out of a flat plane.

RajendranEshwaran: 2#. Possible to get crash / exception data ?

Not really what you're asking for but I have found this library: to be a useful tool for tracking down bugs that cause the program to hang or be excessively delayed, resulting in a watchdog reset. It writes the program address to EEPROM when there is a watchdog timeout. It is adapted from which also allows you to write other data to EEPROM at the same time but I found that one a bit too bloated and harder to incorporate into some projects.